We're often asked how the G2V companies have grown so quickly. The answer? Our training!

Unlike our competitors, we don't poach staff from rivals to fill our senior roles. Rather, we develop all our managers organically, promoting them through the ranks. In doing this, we keep standards high and ensure that there is no 'glass ceiling' to your opportunities.

The G2V Development Academy is an ongoing training and support program; we take you through acquiring the skills and confidence needed to become an excellent recruiter. Your time will be divided, week by week into classroom-based training sessions, practical tasks and research projects. These are delivered by industry experts (many are 500k+ billers) rather than inexperienced middle managers.

We feel strongly that a recruiter should never stop learning however. All G2V staff benefit from continuous support, be it 6 month management development accreditations or 20 minute 'espresso' training sessions. These are open attendance and run during lunch periods to act as a refresher on the basic principles.

Discover more about what it is like to work for the G2V group from our very own staff by watching our selection of videos below

Luke Parker

Up close and personal with Luke Parker

Tim Pereira

Up close and personal with Tim Pereira

Jamie Gardiner

Jamie Gariner's success journey

James Gorfin

A message from the CEO, James Gorfin

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Tom Page

Tom Page's success story. Could you be next?


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