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'When the Grading Gets Tough' - The Ins and Outs of Grad Anxiety

Posted by G2VCareers on Jun 22, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Every future grad knows the feeling: there’s always a thought or two that triggers the floodgates to unleash an odd feeling (and no, it’s not the effects of last night’s pub visit). You begin to wonder whether you can revise five lectures’ worth of notes in two hours, and then you wish you were a fresher again, and then you realise thinking about the future is restricting your windpipe, and before you know it you’re getting worked up every time you hear a cough in silent study. TV, film (and people who have their lives together) paint final year as an arduous-yet-rewarding time, but doesn’t always cover the grizzly bits - and we think it’s time we did.

Throughout our previous few blogs we’ve discussed the alternatives to the grad scheme life (there’s so much more to the working world, we assure you), the definitive grad personas you’re bound to own while riding the emotional rollercoaster that is your final year, and the famous phrases that’ll characterise your study seshes when you’re ‘done’ with an overwhelming exam season (yes, it’s normal to want to disappear five minutes into note-taking).

What we’ve not necessarily touched upon during our journey with you is the grad anxiety that can creep up on you while you’re drowning in deadlines.

| Everyone throws around the word ‘anxiety’, but what exactly is it?

Personal experiences tells us it’s a feeling of unease or worry that manifests itself in different ways - from being mentally overcome by a feeling of dread, or experiencing physical symptoms like a shortness of breath, nausea and the shakes (sounds familiar we know), how anxiety greets you varies from person to person but remains the same in significance.And of course, it’s very significant just as it is very valid: you’re being hit with the loss of the student life, entertained by the thought of being thrown into the wild after your disso submission, tackling revision you’ve left too late (because s t r e s s) and managing both the present and the future at the very same time...and that’s not even the half of it.

It’s important to talk about the effect this period has on your mental health - while there’s no magical cure our words can bring you, we’ve found a short UWE-produced video that begins to cover the concept, as well as the next steps in order to prevent anxiety from hindering your fight to the finish. View, share away and contribute to the conversation...


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