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Why Talk About Where You Want To Be In Five Years Time When You Can Have It Now?

Posted by G2VCareers on Jun 29, 2018 12:06:32 PM

I bet you’ve heard those people going on about their five-year plan, or had other’s asking you: ‘Where do you want to be in five years time?’. It’s annoying, we know...

Generation now

If you’ve just graduated, you’re most likely from ‘generation now.’ Growing up in a restless time, when there’s a new iPhone being released every time you turn around and gadgets get more and more efficient as the day passes.

How can graduates think about what they want being five whole years away? Surely you want it immediately?

If something isn’t available on Amazon Prime for next day delivery, it’s a no-go. Your UberEATS app saying your food will arrive in 20 minutes has you itching impatiently. ‘3 to 5 working days’ isn’t something you ever want to hear in your life again.

If you can’t wait a few days for a parcel, then how can you wait a few years to reach your goals?

Instant gratification has tainted your mindset forever - and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The high-life

Now you’ve graduated, it’s time to leave your parents place and student houses behind. But, when you’re of a certain age, you don’t want to live somewhere that makes you regret leaving home comforts.

Why wait for a nice flat in the city then?

Jobs like recruitment see you earning big bucks from the get-go. This means you can rent that stylish flat in the city centre, and you won’t have to live on a diet of baked beans and Uncle Ben’s to make up for it.

Being a young professional promises a swanky flat, fast car, trendy clothes and fancy dinners.

Living the good-life doesn’t have to be a distant dream.

Average isn’t good enough

From school sports days, to snapping up online deals, to strawpedoing WKD’s at the SU bar - everything is a competition.

The word average just isn’t in the millennial vocabulary. You have to be the best at everything.

It’s about getting more, more, more, now, now, now.

And, that’s how recruitment agencies are, especially G2V, as they match the millennial ambition. You dream big, and don’t want to wait a year to reach your goals, let alone five. That’s why G2V wants to hire you.

In a world that’s fail or fly, why take years to gain altitude before flying? Go further, go faster, and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted whilst doing it.

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