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By G2VCareers on 28 July, 2017

As one of the world's most dynamic recruitment consultancies, G2V Careers has the technical expertise, in-depth market knowledge and an international footprint to enable change. Whether you are a graduate looking to take your first step into recruitment, or you have some sales experience already and want to move in to a more fast paced and rewarding environment, then you're reading the right blog. 

We feel real stories, from real people go a long way therefore here's some advice from our employees who have recently joined. They can tell you first hand what they've achieved in just six to seven months on the job.

Jamie Smith 
Job Title: Recruitment Consultant
Market: Android | Permanent | Belgium 
Brand: Vivid Resourcing 

Jamie Smith circle.png"I graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2016 and wasn't too sure what do as a career. I was lost and as you know graduate employment has been at an all time low for many years now. But  there was one thing I was sure of, and that was that I wanted to be successful and make serious money. A graduate scheme wasn't going to do that as you have to work  your way up the ladder and even then it takes years to climb that high. A friend recommend G2V careers to me and they were always going out with work, always has a flashy watch and nice car. I thought 'where are they getting this kind of money from?' So, I had nothing to lose and applied for the role. Now don't get me wrong I knew it wasn't going to be a stroll in the park, which is what other recruitment companies make the mistake of not telling you. I knew I had a real shot of making a successful career in a short space of time. 6 months in the job and I've hit lunch target (not once - but twice), and I've even hit the company holiday target too.  

Sure you have to work hard to play hard, but the benefits speak for itself. The atmosphere here is fun. It's a very sociable environment and everyone wants each other to succeed. In my first few months I learned a lot of skills that I could apply not only in my working life, but also outside of work. I have a clear plan now and want to aim towards getting on the manager programme. My ultimate ambition is to open up an office in Hong Kong or Singapore.With G2V I know first hand that this is possible having experienced 3 people move out to the States and open their own office. So I know if I play my cards right and continue going the way I am, this is highly achievable."

Mak Ishola
Job Title Recruitment Consultant
Market: .Net development | Contract | Belgium 
Brand: Vivid Resourcing 

Mak Ish circle.png"I graduated from St. Mary's University with a degree in Sports and Exercise. But didn't want to pursue this. Another strength of mine is that I speak 5 languages and what I love about the job is that it enables me to utilize these language skills. During my time here I have also been on lunch and have the opportunity to experience a challenging and competitive market. Whilst that might be every ones cup of tea, it transformed me into the more confident person I am today. As a new person to the business I can honestly say the culture at Vivid is indescribable, in a good way of course. You see those around you who have been at the company for just a year get promoted, and those above them get promoted even more. When I interviewed here they told me all their staff are organic and promoted from within. Every senior consultant, manager and director started where I was. This is the very reason I picked Vivid over joining a competitor. Plus the commission structure is one of the best around. My advice to those hesitating to hit 'apply' would be - do your research. There are so many companies that don't do what they say. Vivid employees and their development in us as staff is the first thing I noticed." 

Deen Siari Deen Sairi xx.png
Job Title Recruitment Consultant
Market: IT | Contract | Belgium 
Brand: G2 Recruitment 

"I am a recent addition to the g2 office in Manchester. My preconceptions of recruitment were somewhat negative. Having graduated in English and French law last summer, I went on to work within the legal sector. Now at g2, recruitment provides the means to work in a client facing, business orientated environment whilst enjoying both self development and financial stability.

Believe me, all options were considered at one point but g2 was the only interview of many to show a transparent career path evidenced by the consultants managing, rapidly increased revenue and expansion in demographic. Until now, I have had great support to learn the ropes from the managers and senior consultants. Still very new to the company I have increased my salary by doing my job and being the best I can be - cheers.

I was keen to continue using my French language skills and therefore began in the IT Benelux market. If surpassed, the challenges faced with working in a foreign market are fruitful - client visits abroad, healthy pay checks and a dynamic life.
If you enjoy endless opportunities and life in the fast lane then g2 offers much to gain from hard work and high standards. Apply and find out yourself."

So now you've heard from Jamie and Mak, we'd encourage you to apply for the role of a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. To discover more about #LifeInRecruitment take a look at our blog below >

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g2v careers social post 16.pngIf you like the sound of this, and all that a career in recruitment has to offer, apply to join us by emailing your CV to our talent acquisition team -

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