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Why G2V?

We know that each and every person here is a critical member of the team.
You're not a number but a valuable part of the group.
Every employee is both a key contributor and a benefactor of our phenomenal success.
Work with winners. 
We believe we employ the world’s top 5% of Recruitment Consultants and reward them with high earnings and global relocation opportunities. Our top consultants who started as trainees were given the opportunity to open our offices in Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston. Are you a winner? Would you like to open a global G2V office? It’s very achievable.
We believe you are our future.
We have an organic growth model, which means that unlike any other company we only hire trainees because we believe in rewarding and investing in our talent with the promise of a fast moving career . That means that we are focused on training you to be the best at the job you are doing today whilst developing you for the promotion you want tomorrow.
We never hire anyone in above you.
You can go from Recruiter to Team Leader to Director in the space of just 6 years. We are investing in you because you are the G2V leaders of the future.
G2V is the equivalent of a life rocket ship. You just need to get on board and join us for the ride. By joining our team, you can go further, faster with a rewarding career. 
Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of joining G2V!

We recruit into the following sectors:

Training & Development

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We're often asked how we have grown so quickly. The answer? Our training! The G2V Development Academy is an ongoing training and support programme. We help you to develop all the skills and confidence needed to become an excellent and successful recruiter.

The training includes classroom-based sessions, practical tasks and research projects, delivered and supported by industry experts.

Rewards & Incentives

We believe you should be rewarded for your hard work and results, which is why we have one of the best incentive schemes in the UK. From five-star holiday targets at the Monaco Grand Prix, through to monthly Michelin-starred lunches and discounts at your favourite retailers, we will always make sure that you're appreciated when your targets are hit.

Alongside this we offer a superb uncapped commission structure that makes a six-figure salary in your second year a very real possibility.

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